We offer a range of services for all sorts of small animals!


Grooming, Boarding, In home check ins & some products for all your beloved small pets from birds, guinea pigs, rats, mice. exotics, poultry, reptiles, dogs & cats - we can help. Big or small, tame or not tame be sure to check out our services.

Bird Services

We offer a range of Bird Services including: Wing Clips, Nail Trimming, DNA Testing, Parasite Treatment, PBFD Disease Testing.

Nutritional and Behavioural advice is free with any service and we can also do a general health check


Local in home check ins and boarding are also offered for your feathered pals!

Guinea Pig Services
Our Piggie Services include: Grooming (shaving, belly shaves or trims), Nail Trimming, Bathing including Boar & Sow Cleans, as well as Parasite Treatment. We also provide FREE Ear Cleaning & Front Teeth Checks with every spa service. 
We can also assist with sexing your guinea pig babies or adults to determine if they are male or female as well as give any care advice free. 
Boarding & In Home Check Ins

We provide in home boarding at our residence in Ormeau for guinea pigs, birds, rats, mice and some exotics. Space is limited for holidays so be sure to book in advance!

For our local community we also offer in home checks where we can come 1-2 times a day to feed, water, clean enclosures etc for your pets as well as options to clean your home.